You Need Games Logic Try these Games

You need a game that can challenge the logic? WrathSoft which is a local game developer to present a game called Totem Roll are ready to test the ability of your brain.

Totem Rool is a logic puzzle game with a type that matches be played by those who love challenges. In this game, you will be required to move the beam by rotating the block. The goal is to put the block on the right boxes. But to reach the box, there are obstacles that need to be traversed.

games WrathSoft
Each of us move the beam, by turning, the beam will move. From which was size of a box, can be the size of two boxes if your movement. What makes this game interesting is the arena game that is made into a puzzle, so that the process can put you on the right into the box beam becomes more difficult.

The composition of the existing arena makes you have to be careful in moving the beam. One motion, you could fall. If no exact calculation, then the beam you will not be able to be in the right boxes. Not only that, over the course of the game, there will be more challenges in the arena to be solved.

If you want to play Totem Roll, the game is already available on Google Play. There are many levels that had been prepared by WrathSoft you to accomplish

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