How to Heroes of Newerth Games

Hey Meet again With Me This time I will give tips for beginners HON.
so here for which you have not know what would gw HON was first Games

So HON’s game. That’s all. (Granny Mandi also know if the game HON)
so Heroes of Newerth (HoN) is the online multiplayer combat arena. So that, in a nutshell In the same HON As DOTA (Defense of the Ancients). So Lets Go

1. Choose Hero
Choose a Hero that if you’re looking for the first time ane maen hell Random but temen ane says “Hero first is the Hero of the most memorable” yaa or less so. And who can ane is MQ (Moon Queen). ok go, pick the one Hero who you think is suitable for you. oh yes because it is not a long time Pick eat before you play open Hero HON. oh yes for DOTA players who want to try this Click HON wrote, some hero HON exactly as DOTA. on the advice of ane Try pick the type Ranged hero because you safe from enemies. at least temporarily. clash of lords hack tool

2. Select Area
So there are three sections in the HON folder called TOP, MID, BOT
TOP: term line or lines creep toward the upper left corner
MID: term creep line or lines in the middle
BOT: term for a line or lines creep toward the right
Suggestions i was trying to download the BOT because it will be easier. if you are a beginner do not try to MID MID Lose because if it will make your team lose easily.

3. The Last Hit
ok. The first time something agan need Farming (or seek EXP by killing Creep) do meHit creep constantly to death because then can Danied (Hero MengHit Creep own people are dying) Danied also important reason that the enemy does not get EXP and money as well. use the last hit to wait and be patient hehe.

4. Work with Team
There is a proverb united we stand divided we remarry
so without Team SePronya someone if he is not nothing.
Team terms you need to know
Gank: term for gathering and preparing to attack the enemy hero, yes kuang more like mob (5 vs. 1)
B: is Back back to the fountain (House agan agan healing place and buy items)
Care: if there are words like this you have to be careful
SS: Ulti ato Skil to 4 agan
Open: this command to open ato War Hero enemy attack. usually reply can Stun

5. Try to be human
ane while playing most ngak like the same people who always insult people game
hey this game bung should not considered serious lah. game was created for fun right
there is a term most disturbing really is
NOOB: term utuk player who diaggap whacky or ngak can maen, actually berasald from the word newbie (beginner)

6. And if you’ve Ready are last that item
it is difficult to choose items. So if you belom can choose items that fit select wrote that in Recomended
No 3 Type Hero in HON
1. Agility: Use items that make you strong (Power)
2 Intelligence: Up To You aja kalo ane mennurut but only suggestions mending use single body reinforcement item useful for beginners
3.Strengh: nah if this type of wall so use items that strengthens the body

So I think that’s all Good Luck wrote. Moga of ane useful tips and keep at N Pro Without Newbie. So Stay Respect starters. read more
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