How Returning Account Clans Clash Of The Lost

Clash Of Clans is a game that is very popular today, what is not in this game a lot of uniqueness and also many challenges ranging from war strategy and various shields to deflect enemy attacks, did not escape many users COC forget to Sign In and synchronize their accounts to Google, well this time we will discuss it through to completion and this has been proven to restore lost pal coc account.
With the incidence of loss account coc buddy will definitely have an impact on frustrated and angry get goodness, how not created wrote hard and really old, Updates Clan Updates Wizard Tower, Update Golem etc. that require substantial time, okay calm buddy here we will give Solution Coc Lost account get resource coc for download clash of clans cheats online hack

Returning Account Easy Steps Coc Clash Of Clans Lost With Easy

The first step: Please pal pal COC open applications and then click Settings, if my friend has not been updated to the latest version please update first here => Application Updates Latest COC

Step Two: Once open the pop-up menu please click Help And Support click just do not be afraid, as shown below circled in red and indicated with arrows.

Step Three: Once the settings menu opens please click the “Lost Village” as in the picture

Step Four: Please click the menu again “I lost my village! How do i get it back? “Then it will open the page message.

Step Five: After that please click the Add Links found on the top right hand corner.

Step Six: Now there will be no place we write a message as a request to restore the server supercell buddy’s account, if my friend are confused about how to write the request in writing please follow below.
“Hi dear, Sorry to disturb your work, I have a problem it is I lost my village i want to get it back with some this informations:
Village Name: Account Name missing pal
Clans Name: Fill in the name of Clan who was my friend follow before missing
XP Level: Level XP you lost village
Town Hall Level: Level pages you lost village

Please i need your help, Thank you. ”

Step Seven: Once pal send the petition was then the supercell will reply buddy request more or less like the one below.
“=> When you start playing this game: (When did you play the COC first time, be allowed in by Month and Year)
=> And where did you create it: (Where country / city the first time you play COC)
=> How did you lose your vilalge: (Why you could lose your village)
=> What device (s) do you use to play the account (what phone you use when playing COC) ”

Step Seven: And after the server supercell reply as above must immediately answer my friend, and if my friend replied confused how please refer to below as an illustration to answer the above questions.
“1. I start playing the game about January or February 2015
2. I create it about 2/2015 or 3/2015 in South Lampung, Indonesia. I’m sorry to forget exactly moth i create it
3. I lost my vilalge Because I have to hard reset my device and i do not connecting my village to Google Play, This is my bad.
4. I play this village in Vivo Y28 Please recover this village to my google account Thank you for your support, God Bless You. ”

Step Eight: After my friend answered the question again from the server supercell then they will give you some tips to make it easy mate in restoring Village missing, steps were different, the steps are wont to do that is by giving codes Village pal nah after pal get it, please get on with it Open Applications pal COC then click menu> Settings -> Link a Device -> this is a new device -> enter the code provided by Supercell, finished.
How buddy is very easy not, congratulations buddy’s account has been returned into the hands of my friend as usual, if a way is still not able to please call back in the supercell in the above manner was, okay buddy we think How Easy Return Account Coc Lost is over, hopefully what we provide can be useful for my friend, welcome to play COC back.