How to Play Friendly Challenge Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans, COC Update of May there is a new feature that will be present in supercell this game. This feature is called the Friendly Challenge. For gamers who do not know, understand or know how to play the Friendly Challenge, here are some explanations of what gamers can do in the Friendly Challenge clash of clans unlimited gems for now

Besides Friendly Challenge is still a lot of content and new features that will be released in future updates, one of two new spell, for a full update info COC May 2016 here.

What is Friendly Challenge?

Friendly Challenge is a feature that allows members of the Clan can attack each other. However, you need not worry, as this feature makes the war between members of the Clan, and only as an exercise only. Thus Resource, Trophies, Troops, Heroes, Traps and Spell and Gold that you have will not be reduced. So do not hesitate to use this feature to practice.

Rules and Restrictions In a Friendly Challenge

Since the features of Friendly Challenge is issued, there is a lot of responses submitted gamers on Supercells. Many of them complain when this feature can be used to replicate exactly the opponents base and then use it to practice attacking the city. Because of this, it Supercell create new rules.

The first is the restrictions placed on the base layout that will be used as a gym. Currently, gamers can no longer change the base layout that will be used at large. Layout has been changed or modified within 24 hours will not be used for the Friendly Challenge. Rules or restrictions apply only to those of you who have a Town Hall level 9. For a level of 8 to the bottom, you still can freely change the layout that will be used.

Another novelty is the use of Scouting on Preparation Day. Typically, you can use Scouting to peek at how the base layout opponent clearly and in detail in Preparation Day. However, this time, you will not be able to do it. You can still use Scouting, but would not give details. You can only see the structure of the Village of the clan will attack. Thus, you will still have a picture of the Village of your opponents and prepare the right strategy as before. However, for the Battle Day, you can use the full features of Scouting.

According to the developers of this game, restrictions on the use of Scouting is necessary so that a time limit on the use of layout for the Friendly Challenge can be shortened. If not, then the limit to be reached 48 hours, which is too long.

Started Friendly Challenge

After reading the above, if you are interested in trying this new feature? Well, to start a Friendly Challenge, you need to do quite easily. Simply open the box Clan Chat, which is usually used to communicate with other Clan members. There, you will find a new menu button with the word “Challenge”. Press this button and you will be taken to a page where it can choose the layout that will be used. Of course, you have to make this layout in advance and store it to be used in this feature. Alternatively, you can use the layout you’re using at the time, including the War Base. You can also add words when inviting other members to Friendly Challenge or do not use it nor anything.

Once you send an invitation like this, then every member of the Clan you can receive and initiate Friendly Challenge. They can launch an attack on the layout you have chosen. But, you do not need to worry, because they will not be able to take the resource as well as Trophies you have. If you previously put Troops in the Clan Castle, then the force will automatically be forces that maintain the Base Layout you selected.

Receive Invitation Friendly Challenge

The explanation above for you to start a Friendly Challenge. Now, for your invitation, and want to try Friendly Challenge with your friends. All you do is use Clan Chat. After that, you can launch an attack with Troops and all weapons, Resource and other things that you have. You do not need to hesitate and launches attacks your heart’s content.

Results and Video Replay of the attacks carried out can be seen through the Clan Chat. However, other members can also immediately see through the Clan Chat directly.

Advantages Friendly Challenge

The main advantage of Friendly Challenge feature is you can acquire the best place to practice and try new things. Alternatively, you can do it for the fun of it and make competition between members of your Clan. For example, you create a specific layout and see who is faster to conquer.