I open a garage Modified Wheel arch angels GTA San Andreas

In GTA San Andreas game, of course we can modify the vehicle to be more cool. No exception cars ugly though, once modified will definitely change his style so it appears more fashionable.

The fans of modified cars in GTA San Andreas game certainly no stranger to the garage Wheel Arch Angels. But what about the new gamers who still lay with garages to modify the car? Did my friend by the name of the garage, the garage Wheel Arch Angels? I do not put a lot of questions here, but instead I will provide information to my friend who’s new to this. If my friend was curious, let’s find out more inside.

Wheel Arch Angels garage in GTA San Andreas

Garage Modified Wheel Arch Angels is located in the city of San Fierro, where the garage this modification is different from the other garages in San Andreas. Because we are presented with a unique style modifications that are not contained in other garages. That way we can modify the car to be more elegant and certainly more cool, free money GTA 5

If my friend is confused as where lies the real WAA garage, take a look at the map below.

Location Garage Modified Wheel Arch Angels In GTA San Andreas

After my friend know where the location modification WAA garage, now we are wondering how to unlock it? Here below are the steps easy, please follow the instructions correctly.
How to Unlock or Unlock Meng Garage Modified Wheel Arch Angels

1. Complete the mission in the city Driving School in San Fierro to get a license pal driving license.
2. If you already have a license driving license, my friend would be called by someone and told to buy the Wang Cars. Follow the instructions from him.
3. After that, my friend will get some missions from Cesar (one partner CJ), finish all the missions.
4. If my friend has completed its mission, visit the Wheel Arch Angels garage which has been open!

All four of these instructions has led my friend to open the garage modifications Wheel Arch Angels, now my friend can modify the car at will. However, you need to know before it was my friend, not just any car can get into the garage to be modified. There are only a few types of cars that can fit into.

Car List to Sign Into Garage Modified Wheel Arch Angels

1. Uranus
2. Jester
3. Sultan
4. Elegy
5. Flash
6. Stratum

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