How to get shards castle clash game mod apk

Hello Friends clashers, this time we will review the shards in the game castle clash. tell us what must have been on the shards? yeap .. shard is a drop items were obtained from several modes of combat in the game castle clash or can also be obtained by exchanging some merits in the Warehouse. usually shards obtained from the exchange in the warehouse will be a number of special packages shards.

Shard pack

shards in the game castle clash has many uses, among others, used to recruit heroes specifically in Altar hero (hero Altar). Hero (hero) who can be recruited to drop the item is referred to as Shardable Heroes (Heroes who can be recruited by a number of shards).
how do I get in the game Shards castle clash?
The following are some ways that you might do to get a number of shards:
through the battle mode Here Be Monsters (HBM)
to win the battle HBM you will receive a number of shards. the higher the level of difficulty that you won the shardsnya number will be even greater. for more details about fighting HBM you can see in the article Here Be Monsters and Hero Trials castle clash.


Battle mode dungeons (jail)

Here you can get a number of shards to win the battle mode on the floor of the dungeon. the amount may be dependent on the dungeon floor level you conquer. besides, shards in this battle is a drop items. so not all battle mode dungeon floor will produce a number of shards. your chance to get shards on the floor of the dungeons is relative or sometimes -sometimes lucky or not at all.

Exchanging some merits in warehouse

Another possible alternative could you do that is through an exchange of items with a number of merits in the warehouse.

Shards & Merits

through the storm battle mode Messa III & IV
messa enters battle mode will give advantages for you who want to get some shards. particularly in the Messa III & IV. by winning this battle you will get some shards in packages of certain shards.

nah to know these things for sure you can collect a number of shards quickly and easily. it all depends on readiness. anyway at the latest game update castle clash has provided many conveniences that is with the features of a sweep in HBM mode and Dungeons. everything will seem easier and even more convenient. How to Get castle clash mod apk

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