Handsome men’s Basketball main Experts also master games online

There is one name that should be known in the NBA by gamers. He is Gordon Hayward, the magnate who is also a basketball expert to play games!

In the world of eSport often we meet professional players as well as the streamer-streamer handsome who entertain us with their games. However, it rarely is when an NBA basketball is apparently also a gamer!

Gordon Hayward is an Indiana-born NBA player, United States 26-year-old who plays for the Utah Jazz. Gordon was fond of playing games but the most famous is the Starcraft II, League of Legends, and Clash Royale. Gordon never met the famous professional players League of Legends “Voyboy” to play with. He also played the Clash Royale together “Chief Pat” a famous gamer mobile.

Not only that, Gordon has also entered in competition ad Starcraft II hosted by IGN, a well-known media move in the game world. He even has a website containing his experience in playing Starcraft II and the League of Legends that you can see here.

Recently also the handsome asked to hold house tour or the introduction of a home that are by the HyperX is the sponsor of it. Inside his house, there is a luxurious rooms specially designed for playing games.

He also acknowledged that the place is a favorite spot in the House. The place has a PC with a high specification with the PlayStation 4 and also interesting features such as a lamp and a comfortable relaxing place to play games with the family.

But don’t think Gordon earned the NBA just because he likes to play games. He also has a very good ability in playing basketball on the ground. He even had a few times went into the NBA All-star team.

For the uninitiated, the NBA All Star team is a group of good players selected by his fans. It is already signaling that Gordon even though very passionate in playing a game, he is also very proficient in playing the round.

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