Winged Courier

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Winged Couriers have 150 Health, 300 move speed, 350 sight range, Magic and Splash Immunity, and an unlimited life time.

Winged Couriers also possess an ability to increase their movement speed and an ability to grant immunity from damage temporarily.

Has the skills Speed Burst, Courier Shield, Delivery, and Homeward Bound.

Winged Courier
Winged Courieritem.gif
400 Gold.gif
DotA counterpart
Flying Courier


Total Cost = 400

On Use Effect

Spawns a Winged Courier under your control that can carry items.

The More You Know

  • To share the courier with your team mates use the quick-share button in the top left corner of the hero icon in the team sidebar or go into the menu.
  • If you have a courier near a shop and purchase items, the items will be given to the courier.
  • If the courier dies while holding items, it will drop those items.
  • If a winged courier is killed by the opposing team the killer is rewarded 300 gold.