Ward of Revelation

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When activated, places a Ward of Revelation at target location. Reveals stealth units.

Ward of Revelation
Ward of Revelationitem.gif
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DotA counterpart
Sentry Wards

On Use Effect

Action: Target Position
Radius: 600
Mana cost: 5
Cooldown: 1 second

Places a Ward of Revelation at target location that lasts 3 minutes or until destroyed.

The More You Know

  • Ward of Revelations have a 200 Sight Range and an 800 Stealth Reveal Range of type Ward. Ward Reveal type can reveal stealthed Heroes, Items, and other Wards.
  • Wards of Revelation are stealthed with type Ward. Ward stealth type can only be revealed by Ward or Tower reveal types.
  • Wards of Revelation will stack in your inventory.
  • Wards of Revelation can be used to stop neutral creep spawns as a soft counter to Jungling. Another similar alternative to stop this strategy is Wards of Sight