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Many spells and items apply one or more status effects. This is a list of of all the status effects, what they do, and how to get them.

Beneficial Status Effects[edit]

Detrimental Status Effects[edit]

  • Silenced: Cannot use skills.
  • Perplexed: Cannot use items.
  • Disarmed: Cannot attack.
  • Immobilized: Cannot move. Also prevents the use of certain skills with movement.
  • Stunned: All of the above (Silenced, Perplexed, Disarmed, Immobilized).
  • Revealed: Negates the effect of invisibility.
  • Sighted: Gives vision around the target.

Miscellaneous Status Effects[edit]

  • Splash Immunity: Immune to splash-based damage and DoT's.
  • Frozen: Character model is inanimate.
  • Transfigured: Turned in to a random critter.
  • Smaller!: Model size is reduced to 50%.
  • Invulnerable: Cannot be damaged or affected by certain skills.