Post Haste

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When activated, teleports self to a selected allied structure or unit.

Post Haste
Post Hasteitem.gif
2700 Gold.gif
+105 Movement Speed
DotA counterpart
Boots of Travel


Total Cost = 2700

On Use Effect

Action: Target Position
Target: Teleport Targets
Range: 999999
Channeling Time: 3 seconds
Mana cost: 75
Cooldown: 60 seconds

After channel time, teleports self to target allied unit or structure and applies a 200 movement speed buff for 5 seconds.

The More You Know

  • This item contains a passive Movement Speed bonus which does not stack with itself or with Marchers, Striders, Ghost Marchers, Steamboots, or Plated Greaves.
  • Shares a cooldown with Homecoming Stone.
  • Bonus movespeed is removed when the owner takes damage, casts a spell, attacks, or uses an item.
  • Post Haste can be used to teleport to allied player controlled units, except couriers.