Patch 2.0.20

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Version 2.0.20[edit]

  • Powerups will no longer spawn at 0:00 gametime
  • Buying Back is now limited to 2 per player
    • They never 'restock', so you can buy back only twice during any single game
    • The game tells you when you buy back how many you have remaining
  • Fixed the bounty for Barrracks so that the killer gets the bounty as well
    • Was bugged and everyone on the team except the killer got bounty
  • Fixed a crash with the Match Stats screen


  • Alchemist Bones are now limited to 1 per player and are bind on pickup
    • While a player already has one, they can't assemble another
    • Alchemist Bones is muted when unowned (dropped by a terminated player)


  • Added a new Hellbourne Agility Hero: Tremble


  • Fixed a bug with Swap that caused you and her target to move slightly closer to each other


  • Fixed Rockets so you do not gain a free rocket when you level them from 2 to 3



Demented Shaman[edit]

  • Fixed an issue with Unbreakable when you have healing-reducing effects on you


  • Stopped him from standing up and being silly after he dies while hooking somoeone

Doctor Repulsor[edit]

  • Corrected some efficiency issues with his abilities


  • Tsunami Charge cleaned up
  • Fixed Tsunami Charge so that if he's still charging and dies, his corpse won't stand there
  • Fixed a bug where Accursed's Fire Shield can shield Kraken and he can do actions while charging


  • Updated the Taunt so that it will function properly in duplicate hero mode


  • Fixed Flick from triggering stuff like Corrupted Disciple's Static Discharge twice


  • Wall of Mummies grab radius increased by 5
    • This is a fix to the cornercase of someone being caught inside of the mummies but not grabbed
  • Made his Tormented Soul unselectable so you cant tab to them

Pollywog Priest[edit]

  • Fixed his alt avatar not playing the cast sound on his Tongue Tied

Puppet Master[edit]

  • Fixed a very small bug that didn't give Whiplash a timer when Puppet Master died with 1 charge on it
  • Fixed Voodoo Puppet to give bloodlusts and assists correctly


  • Stampede magic immunity now take place when charges are 4 instead of 5

Soul Reaper[edit]

  • Fixed a majority of cases of his aura getting around Unbreakable


  • Removed the channeling bar from his ultimate for now, we will fix it and re-add it later
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