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Magic Immunity provides protection from magic damage. It will block being targeted by magic skills and effects.


[edit] Obtaining Magic immunity

[edit] Items

  • Shrunken Head - Lasts 10 seconds. Duration decreases by 1 second per use, but will not go below 5 seconds.

[edit] Skills

[edit] Neutral Creeps

Some Neutral Creeps also have Magic Immunity:

[edit] Superior Magic

Certain heroes' fourth skill can target Magic Immune units. This is known as Superior Magic. However, what each skill does to a Magic Immune target varies.

[edit] Unaffected by Magic Immunity

[edit] Partially unaffected by Magic Immunity

[edit] Reduced damage

  • Behemoth's Shockwave - Initial wave goes through Magic Immunity, no additional damage
  • Engineer's Energy Field - Entering/Exiting the Energy Field deals damage and applies debuff (except Magic Immunity from Shrunken Head); also dispels Protective Charm; No damage dealt inside the Energy Field

[edit] No damage

[edit] Other

[edit] Other skills

  • All Physical-type Skills go through Magic Immunity.
  • Other skills that go through Magic Immunity:
  • Normal Attacks are considered physical, thus Attack Modifiers still work. However, Magic Immunity will prevent damage from Magic-type DoT status effects.

[edit] Items

[edit] Notes

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