Harkon's Blade

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While active, changes attack damage type to Magic at the cost of mana per attack. Attacks also reduce Magic Armor of the target temporarily.

Harkon's Blade
+35 Intelligence

+27 Damage
+10 Attack Speed
+150% Mana regeneration

Attack Modifier
Morph Attack
DotA counterpart
Unique to HoN


Total Cost = 4775

On Use Effect

Action: Attack Toggle
Target: Enemy Units
Type: Magic
Mana cost: 75

Attacks deal Magic damage. Applies Harkon's Blade to the attack target for 3 seconds.

Harkon's Blade Effects:

The More You Know

  • Mana cost is per attack. Harkon's Blade debuff is refreshed per attack.
  • If target has Magic Immunity Harkon's Blade deals damage as physical even when activated
  • While active Harkon's Blade allows targeting of targets with Physical Immunity
  • Magic armor reduction applies to the first hit's damage as well.

This item contains an Attack Modifier (Magic Damage & -5 Magic Armor). Attack modifiers are exclusive and do not stack with other attack modifiers.

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