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This guide is mainly written for people who played the popular Warcraft 3 map Defense of the Ancients (DotA) for a while, got familiar with it and now made the transition to Heroes of Newerth (HoN). It will note most of the HoN items and heroes which have an equivalent in DotA, as well as new features of the game.

This guide is not meant for people who are completely new to HoN and DotA.

Starting out[edit]

Options and Controls[edit]

The first thing you will see when you start the game is the login screen. At this moment it is required to be logged in to be able to play a game as local games are not yet supported in the beta version.

Take some time to configure all the options in the Game Options menu, especially the Controls and Interface menus. A feature that a lot of people have been missing in DotA is the ability to set your own keybinds, like binding the usage of an item in your inventory to a special mouse button (which was not directly possible in Warcraft 3).

An important option from the Interface menu is the Always Show Health Bars option.

Game Lobby[edit]

If you click the Play Online button from the Main Menu, the Game Lobby will pop up, with the HoN chat screen and Friends list docked at the bottom of the screen. You can view a list of available games by clicking the Game List button. You can apply filters to the current view by selection options on the left hand of this panel.

Most DotA players will immediately notice the Type and game options that are indicated by icons in the games list. HoN currently supports five gametypes which are well known from DotA:

  • Normal mode (AP)
  • Single Draft (SD)
  • Random Draft (RD)
  • Banning Draft (BD) (this is similar to Captains Draft in DotA)
  • Banning Pick (BP)

And the various game options:

  • All Heroes: enables both Legion and Hellbourne to pick heroes from both factions.
  • Random Hero: picks a random hero for all players (like the AR game mode).
  • No Leavers: if this option is enabled, you can't join if your leaver percentage is too high.
  • Auto Balance Teams: automatically shuffles all players in the game lobby when the game starts, to balance the chances of victory for both factions.

The game lobby works much the same as DotA. When you join a game, you can select a slot and switch teams as you like. The host can shuffle teams and lock players on a slot (those players will not be shuffled).

Picking a hero is always done in the same way: The Legion players are aligned to the left, the Hellbourne to the right and in the middle is the grid with selectable heroes. The number of heroes you can select varies per game mode (AP/RD/BD/SD). If you hover your mouse over the heroes you will see a description of their stats and skills.

Selecting a random hero is done by clicking the dice icon at the top of the screen, this will also give you 250 extra starting gold in AP mode (does NOT give extra gold in SD/RD/BD modes). Repicking and swapping can be done before clicking ready or timer expiration.

  • Repicking allows you to put your chosen hero back into the pool of available heros and pick a new one. This is accomplished by clicking the tiny arrow above your hero portrait, and costs 350 gold.
  • Swapping allows you to swap heros with another player on your team. It is accomplished by clicking the arrow icon next to the hero portrait of who you want to swap with. If someone else has already offered to swap with you, their portrait will have gold arrows circling it, clicking on it will swap with them.)

Game interface[edit]

  • Personal stats are indicated in the top left corner:
    • Hero portrait
    • Level
    • HP bar
    • Mana bar
    • Buffs and active effects
    • Teammates are displayed under the hero's portrait
  • Game statistics are displayed in the center top of the screen:
    • Stats of your hero on the left: Kills / Deaths / Assists
    • Your creep stats on the right: Kills / Denies
    • Elapsed game time in the center.
    • Kills of both factions (Legion / Hellbourne) on the bottom.
  • The regular DotA scoreboard can be viewed by clicking Scores in the top right corner of the screen, as well as a smaller version that only displays hero levels.
  • The HUD on the bottom of the screen is mostly the same as in DotA:
    • The purple bar around the hero portrait indicates the experience progress on the current level.
  • When you level up, a small button will pop-up above each one of your skills (and a plus icon for stats on the left) and you click one of these. These buttons may toggled on and off by clicking the up arrow to the right of the hero level or by pressing 'L' key (by default).


Example.jpg=== Ported Heroes ===

HoN DotA Differences
Andromedahero.gif Andromeda Vengefulspirit.gif Shendelzare Silkwood the Vengeful Spirit (Skill 2) Damage type changed from HP removal to Magic (triggers 'On Damaged' effects)
Blood Hunterhero.gif Blood Hunter Bloodseeker.gif Strygwyr the Bloodseeker (Skill 2) Applies a debuff on heroes on attack; Heroes killed with debuff heal Blood Hunter, regardless of who dealt the killing blow
Chronoshero.gif Chronos Facelessvoid.gif Darkterror the Faceless Void (Skill 1) Also deals Magic damage

(Skill 2) Does not fully avoid damage; heals damage over time; Maximum heal of 25% max health
(Skill 3) Stun procs based on number of attacks

(Skill 4) Boosted ult does not stun allies, slows instead
Corrupted Disciplehero.gif Corrupted Disciple Lightningrevenant.gif Razor the Lightning Revenant (Skill 4) No boosted ult effect
Flint Beastwoodhero.gif Flint Beastwood DwarvenSniper.gif Kardel Sharpeye the Dwarven Sniper (Skill 1) Applies DoT on initial hit; instant damage to towers
Magebanehero.gif Magebane Antimage.gif Magina the Anti-Mage (Skill 2) On use, grants Magic Armor to self and nearby allies
(Skill 3) New skill: Master of the Mantra
Moon Queenhero.gif Moon Queen Moonrider.gif Luna the Moon Rider (Skill 2) Orb effects (Exclusive Modifiers) are applied on bounce

(Skill 3) Different skill from DotA counterpart
(Skill 4) Beam damage independent from level of first skill

Night Houndhero.gif Night Hound Rikimaru.gif Rikimaru the Stealth Assassin -
Sand Wraithhero.gif Sand Wraith Mercurial.gif Mercurial the Spectre (Skill 3) Returned damage is Magic; not split between heroes; damage does not decay based on distance
(Skill 4) Illusions do not expire upon teleporting
Slitherhero.gif Slither Venomancer.gif Lesale Deathbringer the Venomancer (Skill 2) Also reduces Health Regeneration
(Skill 3) Uses charges
Soulstealerhero.gif Soulstealer Shadowfiend.gif Nevermore the Shadow Fiend -
Swiftbladehero.gif Swiftblade Juggernaut.gif Yurnero the Juggernaut (Skill 1) Not Disarmed at level 4, but has slower attack speed
(Skill 2) New skill: Counter Attack
Valkyriehero.gif Valkyrie Priestessofthemoon.gif Mirana Nightshade, Priestess of the Moon -
Wildsoulhero.gif Wildsoul Lonedruid.gif Syllabear the Lone Druid -
Blacksmithhero.gif Blacksmith Ogremagi.gif Aggron Stonebreaker the Ogre Magi (Skill 2) Also reduces Magic Armor
(Skill 3) Also improves Cast Speed
Bubbleshero.gif Bubbles Faeriedragon.gif Puck The Faerie Dragon (Skill 1) Faster projectile; Same max distance
Defilerhero.gif Defiler Deathprophet.gif Krobelus the Death Prophet -
Demented Shamanhero.gif Demented Shaman Shadowpriest.gif Dazzle the Shadow Priest (Skill 2) New skill: Unbreakable
Doctor Repulsorhero.gif Doctor Repulsor Stormspirit.gif Raijin Thunderkeg the Storm Spirit -
Glaciushero.gif Glacius Crystalmaiden.gif Rylai the Crystal Maiden (Skill 2) Can freeze allies, reducing damage taken
Opheliahero.gif Ophelia Holyknight.gif Chen the Holy Knight (Skill 2) Damage is not randomized; Deals Magic damage
(Skill 3) Uses charges
Plague Riderhero.gif Plague Rider Lich.gif Kel'Thuzad the Lich -
Pollywog Priesthero.gif Pollywog Priest Shadowshaman.gif Rhasta the Shadow Shaman (Skill 1) No cap on targeted enemies
(Skill 4) Boosted ult spawns 11 wards; no damage increase
Pyromancerhero.gif Pyromancer Slayer.gif Lina Inverse the Slayer (Skill 3) Attacks and spells apply a stackable DoT
Soul Reaperhero.gif Soul Reaper Necrolyte.gif Rotund'jere the Necrolyte -
Succubushero.gif Succubus Baneelemental.gif Atropos, the Bane Elemental (Skill 4) No boosted ult effect
Tempesthero.gif Tempest Enigma.gif Darchrow the Enigma -
Thunderbringerhero.gif Thunderbringer Lordofolympia.gif Zeus the Lord of Olympia -
Torturerhero.gif Torturer Tormentedsoul.gif Leshrac the Malicious, Tormented Soul (Skill 2) Deals physical damage; same overall damage
(Skill 3) New skill: Agonizing Bonds
Vindicatorhero.gif Vindicator Silencer.gif Nortrom the Silencer -
Voodoo Jesterhero.gif Voodoo Jester Witchdoctor.gif Vol'Jin the Witch Doctor (Skill 2) New skill: Mojo
Witch Slayerhero.gif Witch Slayer Demonwitch.png Lion the Demon Witch -
Wretched Haghero.gif Wretched Hag Queenofpain.gif Akasha the Queen of Pain (Skill 3) Affects not visible units
(Skill 4) Also applies first skill DoT on targets
Accursedhero.gif Accursed Lordofavenus.gif Abaddon the Lord of Avernus (Skill 4) Does not automatically activate; Boosted ult can be activated while silenced (but not while stunned)
Armadonhero.gif Armadon Bristleback.png Rigwarl the Bristleback -
Behemothhero.gif Behemoth Earthshaker.gif Raigor Stonehoof the Earthshaker (Skill 4) No boosted ult effect
Devourerhero.gif Devourer Butcher.gif Pudge the Butcher (Skill 1) Deals Physical damage

(Skill 2) Slow persists for 2 seconds after leaving radius
(Skill 3) Static Strength gain for all levels

(Skill 4) Buffs Devourer based on channeling time
Hammerstormhero.gif Hammerstorm Rogueknight.gif Sven the Rogue Knight (Skill 3) Instant cast time
(Skill 4) Cannot be purged
Jeraziahhero.gif Jeraziah Omniknight.gif Purist Thunderwrath the Omniknight (Skill 3) Does not reduce Attack Speed
Keeper of the Foresthero.gif Keeper of the Forest Treantprotector.gif Rooftrellen the Treant Protector (Skill 2) Different skill from DotA counterpart
Legionnairehero.gif Legionnaire Axe.gif Mogul Khan the Axe (Skill 2) New skill: Terrifying Charge
(Skill 3) Guaranteed to proc at least every 12 hits taken
Magmushero.gif Magmus Sandking.gif Crixalis the Sand King (Skill 3) Not an Orb Effect (Attack Modifier); can be turned off
Pebbleshero.gif Pebbles Stonegiant.gif Tiny the Stone Giant (Skill 3) New skill: Slab Skin
(Skill 4) No boosted ult effect
Pestilencehero.gif Pestilence Slithereenguard.gif Slardar the Slithereen Guard -
Pharaohhero.gif Pharaoh Clockwerkgoblinhero.gif Rattletrap the Clockwerk Goblin (Skill 4) Boosted ult grants version that also impacts ally heroes; Can keep original ult
Gladiatorhero.gif Gladiator Knukka.gif Kunkka the Admiral -
Tundrahero.gif Tundra Beastmaster.gif Rexxar the Beastmaster (Skill 3) New skill: Cold Shoulder
War Beasthero.gif War Beast Lycanthrope.gif Banehallow the Lycanthrope (Skill 2) Reversed scaling on mana cost
(Skill 4) Grants Unitwalking

New heroes[edit]


HoN Item DotA Equivalent Differences Price
Abyssal Skullitem.gif Abyssal Skull Vladimirs Offeringitem.gif Vladimir's Offering 2050
Acolyte's Staffitem.gif Acolyte's Staff Mystic Staffitem.gif Mystic Staff 2700
Alchemist's Bonesitem.gif Alchemist's Bones Hand of midasitem.gif Hand of Midas Can store up to 2 charges

Cannot be used on player-controlled creeps

Amulet of Exileitem.gif Amulet of Exile Null Talisman 485
Apprentice's Robeitem.gif Apprentice's Robe Robe of the magiitem.gif Robe of the Magi 450
Arcanaitem.gif Arcana Oblivion staff.gifOblivion Staff 1675
Assassin's Shrouditem.gif Assassin's Shroud Lothars Edgeitem.gif Lothar's Edge The recipe requires Broadsword instead of Claymore 3400
Astrolabeitem.gif Astrolabe Mekansmitem.gif Mekansm 2306
Axe of the Malphaiitem.gif Axe of the Malphai Messerschmidts Reaveritem.gifMesserschmidt's Reaver 3200
Bananasitem.png Bananas Cheeseitem.gifCheese 0
Barbed Armoritem.gif Barbed Armor Blade mailitem.gifBlade Mail Reflects 80% of damage for 5 seconds 2700
Barrier Idolitem.gif Barrier Idol Khadgars Pipe of Insightitem.gifKhadgar's Pipe of Insight 3653
Bastard Sworditem.gif Bastard Sword Claymoreitem.gifClaymore This item no longer exists in HoN 1400
Beast Heartitem.gif Beastheart Vitality Boosteritem.gifVitality Booster 1100
Behemoth's Heartitem.gif Behemoth's Heart Heart of Terrasqueitem.gifHeart of Tarrasque +0.75% of Max Health regenerated per second 5500
Blessed Orbitem.gif Blessed Orb Ultimate Orb.gifUltimate Orb 2100
Blood Chaliceitem.gif Blood Chalice Soul ring.gifSoul Ring Recipe changed to Crushing Claws, Mark of the Novice, and Scarab

Trades 150 health for 100 mana; mana gain is permanent
Heals for 150 health if an enemy hero within 700 AoE dies within 15 seconds of use

Bolstering Armbanditem.gif Bolstering Armband Belt of giant strenght.gifBelt of Giant Strength 450
Bottleitem.gif Bottle Empty bottle.gifEmpty Bottle 600
Bound Eyeitem.gif Bound Eye Gem of true sight.gifGem of True Sight 700
Broadsworditem.gif Broadsword Broadsword .gifBroadsword Gives +19 damage 1300
Brutalizeritem.gif Brutalizer Cranium Basher.gifCranium Basher Recipe changed to Mighty Blade, Quickblade, and 1100 gold recipe 3100
Charged Hammeritem.gif Charged Hammer Mjollnir.gifMjollnir 5500
Codexitem.gif Codex Dagon.gifDagon Recipe changed to Neophyte's Book, 2 Punchdaggers, and 1000 gold recipe 3000
Crushing Clawsitem.gif Crushing Claws Gauntlets of Strenght.gifGauntlets of Strength 150
Daemonic Breastplateitem.gif Daemonic Breast Plate Assault Cuirass.gifAssault Cuirass 5550
Dancing Bladeitem.gif Dancing Blade Eaglehorn.gifEaglehorn 3000
Doombringeritem.gif Doom Bringer Divine rapier.gifDivine Rapier 6200
Duck Bootsitem.gif Duck Boots Slippers of agility.gifSlippers of Agility 150
Dust of Revelationitem.gif Dust of Revelation Dust of Appearance.gifDust of Appearance Stacks in inventory 180
Elder Parasiteitem.gif Elder Parasite Mask of madness.gifMask of Madness 1900
Ghost Marchersitem.gif Ghost Marchers Phase boots.gifPhase Boots On Use effect does not cancel upon item or skill use 1500
Firebranditem.gif Firebrand Yasha.gifYasha 2250
Flayeritem.gif Flayer Buriza-do Kyanon.gifBuriza-do Kyanon This item no longer exists in HoN (replaced with upgradable Riftshards). 6250
Fleetfootitem.gif Fleetfeet Boots of elvenskin.gifBoots of Elvenskin 450
Fortified Braceritem.gif Fortified Bracer Bracer.gifBracer 510
Frostburnitem.gif Frostburn Sange and Yasha.gifSange and Yasha Has a guaranteed stacking Movement Slow 4500
Frostfield Plateitem.gif Frostfield Plate Shivas guard.gifShiva's Guard On Use attack projectile speed twice as fast 4700
Frostwolf's Skullitem.gif Frostwolf's Skull Eye of Skadi.gifEye of Skadi Recipe changed to Icebrand, Blessed Orb, Glowstone, and 700 gold Recipe.

Slow works with single-target skills

Geometer's Baneitem.gif Geometer's Bane Manta style.gifManta Style 4850
Gloves of the Swiftitem.gif Gloves of the Swift Gloves of Haste.gifGloves of Haste 500
Glow Stoneitem.gif Glowstone Point booster.gifPoint Booster 1200
Guardian Ringitem.gif Guardian Ring Ring of protection.gifRing of Protection 175
Halberditem.gif Halberd Javelin.gifJavelin This item no longer exists in HoN 1500
Health Potionitem.gif Healing Potion Healing salve.gifHealing Salve 100
Hellfloweritem.gif Hellflower Orchid malevolence.gifOrchid Malevolence On Use effect also Perplexes (Disable item use)

Amplifies damage immediately

Helm of the Black Legionitem.gif Helm of the Black Legion Vanguard.gifVanguard 2225
Helm of the Victimitem.gif Helm of the Victim Helm of iron will.gifHelm of Iron Will 950
Homecoming Stoneitem.gif Homecoming Stone Scroll of town portal.gifScroll of Town Portal 135
Hungry Spirititem.gif Hungry Spirit Mask of death.gifMask of Death 900
Icebranditem.gif Icebrand Sange.gifSange Has a guaranteed stacking Movement Slow 2250
Icon of the Goddessitem.gif Icon of the Goddess Soul Booster 3300
Insanitariusitem.gif Insanitarius Armlet of Mordiggian Recipe changed to Helm of the Victim, Gloves of the Swift, Steamstaff, and 500 gold Recipe.

Stats equal to the sum of its parts

Iron Buckleritem.gif Iron Buckler Stout Shield 250
Iron Shielditem.gif Iron Shield Poor Man's Shield 550
Kuldra's Sheepstickitem.gif Kuldra's Sheepstick Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse 5675
Lifetubeitem.gif Lifetube Ring of Health 875
Logger's Hatchetitem.gif Logger's Hatchet Quelling Blade 225
Mana Batteryitem.gif Mana Battery Magic Stick Heals 10 Health and 15 Mana per charge 210
Mana Potionitem.gif Mana Potion Clarity Potion 50
Manatubeitem.gif Manatube Void Stone 875
Marchersitem.gif Marchers Boots of Speed 500
Mark of the Noviceitem.gif Mark of the Novice Mantle of Intelligence 150
Mighty Bladeitem.gif Mighty Blade Ogre Axe 1000
Minor Totemitem.gif Minor Totem Ironwood Branch 53
Mock of Brillianceitem.gif Mock of Brilliance Radiance 5150
Monkey Courieritem.gif Monkey Courier Animal Courier 200
Mystic Vestmentsitem.gif Mystic Vestments Planeswalker's Cloak 400
Neophyte's Bookitem.gif Neophyte's Book Staff of Wizardry 1000
Null Stoneitem.gif Null Stone Linken's Sphere Recipe cost reduced to 1000

Grants +10 Damage

Nullfire Bladeitem.gif Nullfire Blade Diffusal Blade When upgraded, extra charges roll over, instead of resetting to 8 3300
Pickled Brainitem.gif Pickled Brain Energy Booster Cost reduced to 900 900
Plate Mailitem.gif Plate Mail Plate Mail 1400
Portal Keyitem.gif Portal Key Kelen's Dagger of Escape Can be held by Andromeda (Vengeful Spirit) & Devourer (Butcher)

Targeting beyond maximum range travels the maximum length

Post Hasteitem.gif Post Haste Boots of Travel After teleporting, applies a +200 Movement Speed bonus; dispelled on action 2700
Power Supplyitem.gif Power Supply Magic Wand Recipe changed to Mana Battery, 2 Minor Totems, and 290 Gold recipe <br\>

Heals 10 health and 15 mana per charge

Pretender's Crownitem.gif Pretenders Crown Circlet of Nobility 185
Punch Daggeritem.gif Punchdagger Blades of Attack 500
Puzzle Boxitem.gif Puzzlebox Necronomicon Limited stock; 2 stacks initially, gaining 1 per 10 minutes, maximum of 9 2350
Quick Bladeitem.gif Quickblade Blade of Alacrity 1000
Refreshing Ornamentitem.gif Refreshing Ornament Headdress of Rejuvenation 603
Restoration Stoneitem.gif Restoration Stone Refresher Orb Refreshes item cooldown as well (except another Restoration Stone and Shrunken Head) 5300
Riftshardsitem.gif Riftshards Crystalys Recipe cost changed to 950.

Can be upgraded 3 times.

Ring of the Teacheritem.gif Ring of the Teacher Ring of Basilius 500
Ringmailitem.gif Ringmail Chainmail 550
Runed Cleaveritem.gif Runed Cleaver Battlefury Recipe requires 2 Broadsword instead Broadsword and Bastard Sword 4350
Runes of the Blightitem.gif Runes of the Blight Ancient Tango of Essifation 90
Sacrificial Heartitem.gif Sacrificial Stone Bloodstone Grants bonus Max Health and Health Regeneration per charge 5050
Savage Maceitem.gif Savage Mace Monkey King Bar Requires 2 Warhammer instead 2 HalberdProc does not work with illusions 5400
Scarabitem.gif Scarab Sobi Mask 325
Shaman's Headdressitem.gif Shaman's Headdress Hood of Defiance 2050
Shield Breakeritem.gif Shieldbreaker Stygian Desolator 4400
Shield of the Fiveitem.gif Shield of the Five Nathrezim Buckler 803
Shrunken Headitem.gif Shrunken Head Black King Bar 3900
Slayeritem.gif Slayer Demon Edge 2200
Snake Braceletitem.gif Snake Bracelet Talisman of Evasion 1800
Soulscream Ringitem.gif Soulscream Ring Wraith Band 460
Staff of the Masteritem.gif Staff of the Master Aghanim's Scepter 4300
Steambootsitem.gif Steamboots Power Treads 1450
Steamstaffitem.gif Steamstaff Quarterstaff +2 damage, including all recipe items that require a Steamstaff 800
Stormspirititem.gif Stormspirit Eul's Scepter of Divinity 2800
Sustaineritem.gif Sustainer Perserverance 1750
Sword of the Highitem.gif Sword of the High Sacred Relic Cost reduced to 3400 3400
Symbol of Rageitem.gif Symbol of Rage Satanic 6150
Tablet of Commanditem.gif Tablet of Command Force Staff Recipe changed to Apprentice's Robe, Neophyte's Book, and 500 gold Recipe. 1950
Thunder Clawitem.gif Thunderclaw Maelstrom 3000
Token of Lifeitem.gif Token of Life Aegis of the Immortalitem.gifAegis of the Immortal 0
Trinket of Restorationitem.gif Trinket of Restoration Ring of Regeneration 350
Void Talismanitem.gif Void Talisman Ghost Scepter 1500
Ward of Revelationitem.gif Ward of Revelation Sentry Wards Sold in stacks of 1 200
Ward of Sightitem.gif Ward of Sight Observer Wards Sold in stacks of 1 200
Warhammeritem.gif Warhammer Mithril Hammer 1600
Warped Cleftitem.gif Warpcleft Hyperstone 2100
Whispering Helmitem.gif Whispering Helm Helm of the Dominator Dominated creeps have a permanent life time. 1850
Wingbowitem.gif Wingbow The Butterfly 6000
Winged Courieritem.gif Winged Courier Flying Courier 400

Exclusive Items[edit]

HoN Item Notes Price
Harkon's Bladeitem.gif Harkon's Blade Unique to HoN 5100
Major Totemitem.gif Major Totem Unique to HoN 540
Nome's Wisdomitem.gif Nome's Wisdom Unique to HoN 2300
Plated Greavesitem.gif Plated Greaves Unique to HoN 1503
Ring of Sorceryitem.gif Ring of Sorcery Unique to HoN 1700
Spellshardsitem.gif Spellshards Unique to HoN 2575
Stridersitem.gif Striders Unique to HoN 800
Token of Sightitem.gif Token of Sight Unique to HoN 0
Token of Stealthitem.gif Token of Stealth Unique to HoN 0
Ancient Janggo of Endurance.gif Ancient Janggo of Endurance Unique to DotA 1725
Arcane boots.gif Arcane Boots Unique to DotA 1500
Orb of venom.gif Orb of Venom Unique to DotA 600
Ethereal blade.gif Ethereal Blade Unique to DotA 5260
Medalion of Courage.gif Medalion of Courage Unique to DotA 1075
Smoke of Deceit.gif Smoke of Deceit Unique to DotA 200
Urn of shadows.gif Urn of Shadows Unique to DotA 875


One of the greatest changes is the way shops are handled. Every base now contains only one building where all items and recipes can be purchased. The shop can be viewed by clicking the shop while standing in the fountain of the allied base, or by pressing the B key (by default).

  • Basic items can be found in the left column, recipes in the right column.
    • The lower left two shops are special shops located in the jungle.
  • It is possible to buy parts of the recipe by clicking the recipe you want. A pop-up window will show the required parts, which can be purchased immediately (instead of going to the right basic item shop first).

Other differences between DotA and HoN[edit]

  • The Sentinel and Scourge factions are equivalent to the Legion and Hellbourne factions, respectively.
  • Games created by players are remotely hosted on S2Games' servers. This means that everyone will experience the same latency, assuming everyone has the same connection and are equally far from the server. The game is not dependant on the prescence of the host.
  • The abilities of every hero are controlled by pressing the Q, W, E and R keys (by default). Additional skills (i.e. Wildsoul's War Cry) are extended to D, F and G if necessary.
  • Players who leave the game during play can reconnect within five minutes. While the player remains disconnected, the hero will be shared by all remaining players, as in DotA. If the five minutes limit passes, the hero will be terminated. Terminated hero's gold will be split amonst remaining teammates and Items will drop in faction's pool.
  • Game statistics are automatically collected after playing a game and can be viewed from the Match Stats panel.
  • Health bars can be switched on by pressing the apostrophe ' key or permanently by selecting the option from the Interface Menu.


  • Magic Armor is calculated the same way as armor, rather than a flat reduction.
  • Cast Speed modifiers are added to the game. Cast Speed modifiers can speed up or slow down the casting animation for some skills.

Orb Effects[edit]

Orb Effects are known in Heroes of Newerth as modifiers. There are two different types of modifiers:

  • Attack Modifiers are buffs that do not stack with other attack modifiers of a different type. Some examples include Frostwolf's Skull (Eye of Skadi), Shield Breaker (Stygian Desolator), Lifesteal items except for Abyssal Skull, and Accursed's Sear (Abaddon the Lord of Avernus' Frostmourne).
  • Exclusive Modifiers are buffs that do not stack with buffs of the same type, but do stack with buffs of different types. These modifiers include Mana Burn, Bash, and Chain Lightning.

Movespeed Modifiers (Haste and Slow)[edit]

According to a thread on the official forums here...

Movement Speed calculations differ between DotA and HoN.

In DotA, all modifiers are added together and then applied to a hero's movespeed. In HoN, modifiers are applied seperately and stack upon eachother.

For Example, lets say you have a buff that gives you 20% move speed, and then get hit by a debuff that slows by 50%.

  • In DotA: The system adds together the two modifiers and applies them to base move speed. That means that you would have 70% movespeed.
    • 100% movespeed * (1.2 - .5) = 70% movespeed.
  • In HoN: The system applies the modifiers seperately. That means that you would have 60% movespeed.
    • 100% movespeed * 1.2 * .5 = 60% movespeed.

Note that movespeed reduction and movement slow are not the same thing. Attack Slow also work a similar way.

Another important note: The haste rune provides max (522) movespeed, and units affected by it cannot be slowed.