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DotA counterpart
Empty Bottle

A simple empty bottle that can be filled with healing water or magical runes.

When activated, restores 135 Health and 70 Mana over 3 seconds. Must be filled at the Well or by picking up Runes.

On Use Effect

Target: Self
Cooldown: 0.5 seconds

Restores 135 Health and 70 Mana on self over 3 seconds. Dispels upon taking damage.

Contains up to 3 charges.

The More You Know

  • The bottle can be refilled in two different ways:
    • After using up all 3 charges, use the bottle on a Rune, which will refill your bottle, but more importantly keep the rune stored in your bottle for your use for up to 2 minutes. After 2 minutes, the rune will be used automatically, even when you are dead. After the rune is used up, the bottle will be fully filled.
    • You can also take the bottle into your team's Well/Tarpit. Either you or your teammate can refill the bottle. You can also give the bottle to a Courier to have it filled, but it will only fill 2/3 of it.