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Attack Modifiers do not stack with other Attack Modifiers. You can switch between Attack Modifiers by clicking on the icons located above the minimap or by pressing "," or "." (by default). By switching your Attack Modifier after every attack, it is possible to have multiple debuffs on the target. Attack Modifiers stack with Exclusive Modifiers.

Since Patch 0.3.4, Life Steal is an Attack Modifier.

List of Attack Modifiers[edit]


Item Modifier
Elder Parasite 17% Lifesteal
Frostburn 5% Movement Slow per charge.
Frostwolf's Skull 20% Attack Slow & 30% Movement Slow
Harkon's Blade Magic Damage & -5 Magic Armor
Hungry Spirit 10% Life Steal
Icebrand 3% Movement Slow per charge
Shieldbreaker Minus 6 Armor
Symbol of Rage 25% Lifesteal
Whispering Helm 15% Life Steal


Ability Hero
Enfeeble Gauntlet
Entangling Claws Booboo (Wildsoul)
Sear Accursed
Toxicity Slither


  • Abyssal Skull is not considered a Life Steal item because the effect comes from an aura.
  • Symbol of Rage on activation effect is not considered a Life Steal as the effect is provided indirectly.
  • Attack Modifiers trigger before the hit-calculation, as an example Shieldbreaker's armor reduction will affect the wielder's first attack as well.

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