Symbol of Rage

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When activated, applies Symbolic Rage to self.

Symbol of Rage
Symbol of Rageitem.gif
6150 Gold.gif
+25 Strength

+20 Damage
+5 Armor
+25% Life Steal

Life Steal
Morph Attack
DotA counterpart


Total Cost = 6150

On Use Effect

Target: Self
Cooldown: 35 seconds

Applies Symbolic Rage to self for 3.5 seconds.

Symbolic Rage Effects:

  • 150% Lifesteal

The More You Know

  • While the passive lifesteal is an attack modifier the effect received upon activation is not; this means you can lifesteal even if you have another Attack Modifer active.

Attention niels epting.png This item contains an Attack Modifier (25% Lifesteal). Attack modifiers are exclusive and do not stack with other attack modifiers.