You Need Games Logic Try these Games

You need a game that can challenge the logic? WrathSoft which is a local game developer to present a game called Totem Roll are ready to test the ability of your brain.

Totem Rool is a logic puzzle game with a type that matches be played by those who love challenges. In this game, you will be required to move the beam by rotating the block. The goal is to put the block on the right boxes. But to reach the box, there are obstacles that need to be traversed.

games WrathSoft
Each of us move the beam, by turning, the beam will move. From which was size of a box, can be the size of two boxes if your movement. What makes this game interesting is the arena game that is made into a puzzle, so that the process can put you on the right into the box beam becomes more difficult.

The composition of the existing arena makes you have to be careful in moving the beam. One motion, you could fall. If no exact calculation, then the beam you will not be able to be in the right boxes. Not only that, over the course of the game, there will be more challenges in the arena to be solved.

If you want to play Totem Roll, the game is already available on Google Play. There are many levels that had been prepared by WrathSoft you to accomplish


The Benefits of Playing Puzzle Games for Child

Children love to play puzzle. Currently a lot of puzzles with pictures of very attractive for children, available at bookstores and toy stores.

Then, what we usually do when the children are busy playing the puzzle?


It turns out there is a special trick that optimal utilization of this game.

Allow me to share an article I extracted from the books I read, may be useful.


Puzzle consists of pieces that can be made from cardboard / cardboard, foam foam / rubber, plywood, wood, MDF, plastic, or Styrofoam.

Playing puzzles is the activity of dismantling and reassembling the puzzle pieces to form a whole. This activity aims to train the coordination of eyes, hands and minds of children in arranging puzzle pieces consist of a variety of different shapes by matching pieces of the picture with one another to form a complete picture and good.


The purpose of playing puzzle is that the children were able to link the knowledge that is already known with new knowledge gained. Selection of themes and images, the number of pieces, a kind pieces and materials must be tailored to the age group of children. In addition to a puzzle game well-liked kids, puzzle really helps children in accordance with their functions:
– playing while learning
– Train the fine motor (hand)
– Train memory and thinking
– Practice concentration


Collect various kinds of puzzles and mentor children by giving freedom to the child to choose a picture and which type they prefer.

After the child choose, we guided them and ask for forms and pictures of what they select. (Eg animal puzzle: SAPI) Stimulate the child while dialogue:
– Alhamdulillah, the sister had chosen puzzle cow animal Allah’s creation. Before starting to play pronounce Basmallah and prayer.
– Ask “Made of what this game?” … Sister answered ‘timbers’
– Ask “Do animals cattle including cattle, tame or wild? ‘- Ask’ What benefits are cows provide to humans?” Give other information about the benefits of beef, such as: help plow fields and pull carts, cow’s milk is very beneficial, meat kosher cows to eat.

After that, put the child back in one at a time and match the pieces to finish into a form intact.

Lastly, sister given intelligence to finish it properly. we can do is encourage children to make their own puzzles, using a variety of materials that exist in our own homes, old magazines, old newspapers, posters used, cardboard packaging milk / other foods

Incense and Lure Function Module Pokemon Go

Are you one of the Pokemon trainer who is currently rampant wiki gamers playing this game? If yes then as true trainer you must know some important functions of the items in this game is Incense and Lure Module.

Before playing a game Pokemon Go of course you must have understood how to play Pokemon Go not? If you do not know Perpus Droid will give you a little bit for you. Game Pokemon Go is the result of a collaboration between Nintendo and Niantic, which is a combination of Augmented Reality and Pokemon. GPS and internet connection is mandatory dimilik a “trainer” or people who play this game. In addition smartwatch also needed to detect and give a sign if you have to be near your favorite Pokemon.

pokemon gos

While the question of Augmented Reality is the concept of the game Pokemon Go distinguishing game pokemon with game consoles is seen if the game console you just sit somewhere and just need to move your fingers and can be done while relaxing example sleeping, snacking , etc.

The game is fairly enjoyable and very fun to play. You can wander down the road to meet new people and interact with others. Of course this is very positive because it indirectly you are required to socialize fellow gamers and visit places not previously visited. But be aware that your Internet access or network game Pokemon Go stable because it requires access to GPS

Well to get Pokemon in Pokemon Go Game is actually not as difficult as you imagine. Because there are items in the game that allows us to get a pokemon and EXP abundant. The item is incense and lure module. If you do not know the functions of these two items below I will explain in detail. As well as the benefits and Lure Incense Function Module in Game Pokemon Go

Incense function in Game Pokemon Go


Incense is an item that will give your character favored by the odor and makes you attended Pokemon Pokemon. When using the Incense, appears a colored circle around the Pink which your character. Incense will follow wherever you go. By using the Incense while moving, Pokemon will appear every 1 minute. Meanwhile, when a silent character and still use the Incense, Pokemon will appear every 5 minutes.

Incense effect faster to catch Pokemon will last for 30 minutes. Incense can be obtained when leveling or buy Shop with a starting price of 80 coins for 1 Incense, 500 coins for 8 Incense and 1250 coins for 25 Incense.

Lure Function Module in Game Pokemon Go

lure module

Lure Module is a useful item to increase the presence of Pokemon in a PokeStop. Incense has such a function, Lure Module can only be used in PokeStop and other users can enjoy Lure in the PokeStop.

The effects and advantages of Lure Module on Pokemon Go is that you do not need to walk the streets again. Only by installing a module in PokeStop Lure, wild Pokemon will soon come to the PokeStop. Lure Module active for 30 minutes with the effect of pink flowers falling around PokeStop.

Now that distinction and Lure Incense And Function Module in Game Pokemon Go you should know before playing this game so that when you begin to play no confusion about the usefulness of these two items. Hopefully useful and good play.